pause fest


Pause Fest has delivered leading global events since 2007. The Melbourne conference is a source of inspiration for many in the digital and creative industries. Each year has a different focus but always with the aim of making it an event to remember.


The process to design Pause Fest 2017 was divided into two phases, Discovery and Design.  I worked with Fiona Slocombe on the discovery phase focused on mapping out the current state with a four lens approach - community insight, user experience, global trends analysis and observational research.



A key insight which emerged early in the research was the diversity of industries present at Pause Fest. The audience consisted of representatives from over 43 industries all seeking to be better informed about future trends. 80% of survey respondents from the 2015 event showed a strong connection to the conference themes of creativity, technology and entrepreneur. Showing we were on the right track to providing the right type of content. The majority of attendees were seeking knowledge, inspiration or were just pure curious while community and networking were also key drivers


Usability testing of the 2015 website revealed users found the website a little confusing. Users were keen to see a traditional schedule to be better informed before making their ticket purchasing decision. User testing also revealed two main pathways people were navigating to access the information required before arriving at the purchasing point.


To explore how leading festivals and conferences were delivering great customer experiences. We benchmarked global and local festivals looking at the program of events, websites, schedules, duration and perceived value. A key insight at the time of the research was that ticket prices were higher in US and lower in Europe and Australia. We also discovered that there is growing global demand for knowledge in areas such as technology trends, social impact and design thinking. 

key learning



Whatever changes are made the effect of them is unknown and can be quite surprising. At the 2016 PauseFest it was observed many people were using mobile devices whilst seated in the auditorium. A work space was created at the 2017 conference, very few people in the audience were distracted by mobile devices.

It was great being able to work so I could then concentrate on the speakers at the festival
— 2017 PauseFest attendee