‘Replenish is a Google Chrome Extension and accompanying web app that allows you to easily add items from any from an online store with the click of a button. Tell us how often you’d like to receive this item in the mail and we’ll take care of the ordering for you. Simple as that!’



She hacks was an event run by Girl Geek Academy, Melbourne, weekend of 21-23rd August.   As one of a team of four ( along with Lina Chan, Shanila Ashraff, Jude Gammie) Along with research I created the prototype in Axure which was used for demonstration in the final presentation. 


Research identified that busy people often run out of their favourite products at inconvenient times and if the product is sourced from overseas delivery can take a while.  

It was really important for us to address issues that online shoppers find frustrating, and can’t fix themselves. We carried out a survey of 64 people, and out of the respondents, almost half of of online shoppers usually forget to re-order products before they run out. To avoid this, people have tried to make lists, stockpiling products, and constantly tracking how much they had left. Some respondents basically said: I’m lazy! Clearly, if half of all online shoppers have told us that, then they need a little help.

“We have repeat customers ordering the same things as often as every 2 weeks”
— - Jo, Operations at Chocolate Box
“May well consider this service [Replenish] in the future. We would be willing to pay for a percentage of sales generated”
— - Kylie, Planner at K Mart



The solution was to build a web app that would allow the customer to highlight their products from different websites; the example used for demonstration was Wal-Mart (as the api module was easily accessible) and combine them into one ordering and tracking portal. 


key learning


This was my first standalone project using Axure,   I didn’t manage to achieve all the interactions the rest of the team wanted but for me being under time pressure and without help really increased my confidence and belief in my own ability.